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Groups & Conferences

ATU’s Conferences, Councils, and Caucuses help with the ATU’s mission to support workers regardless of where they come from or how they identify. At the ATU, we welcome people from all backgrounds across North America. Along with our Locals, they are the lifeblood of our Union.

Conferences and Councils

Full listing of all U.S. Legislative Conferences and Councils

Black Caucus

The formation of a Black Brotherhood and sisterhood caucus was dedicated to the empowerment of all working men and women within the ATU.

Women's Caucus

“Our hope is to take on the issues that women face daily, and finding collective solutions. Blending those solutions into actions that will assist in “Rebuilding the Dream" One Transit Property at a Time” after all WE ARE ONE ATU!”

Latino Caucus

"We uphold the rights as Latino's and any other persons to fully develop their cultural traditions. To strengthen thru education, training and other resources and resolve the fight to end discrimination of any kind."

ATU International PRIDE Caucus

The ATU International PRIDE Caucus serves as a gathering place for members who identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies, providing networking and teambuilding across different properties, roles, levels, races, abilities, and ethnic backgrounds.