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Education & Training

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ATU is committed to empowering rank and file members through education and training programs that teach the skills, strategies, and tactics to win at the bargaining table, in public campaigns, and in the halls of government. ATU training programs teach members how to fight for dignity and justice on the job and in our communities by educating members about their rights at work and how to resist employer attacks on wages, benefits and working conditions.

Training ATU leaders is a priority in building a strong and powerful union and labor movement. ATU training and education programs are conducted across the United States and Canada for officers and rank and file members alike. The education programs cover many topics including, but not limited to, grievance handling, workplace representation, bargaining and negotiations, organizing and mobilizing members, and rights and responsibilities of elected officers. These programs are a vital step in engaging our membership and galvanizing our riders into a potent political force that will have an impact on local and national campaigns.

The ATU offers training programs through online workshops, regional meetings, and training sessions at the ATU headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. Below you can find brief descriptions of some of the programs that are currently offered. Keep an eye on this page to learn about upcoming and innovative training programs currently being developed. We look forward to seeing you in an ATU training program in the near future.

Training and Education