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Local 107-Hamilton, ON, Is Holding the Line

As of our press time, our frustrated Local 107-Hamilton, ON, members went on strike after rejecting Hamilton Street Rail’s final insulting contract offer, which failed to recognize the commitment and dedication of our members to keep the Hamilton region moving.

In a surprise visit, International President John Costa was in Hamilton, ON, to kick off the first day of the strike alongside Local President/Business Agent Eric Tuck, ATU Canada President John Di Nino, and International Vice President Ken Wilson. Locals 113-Toronto, ON, 846-St. Catharines, ON, 1572-Mississauga, ON, 1573-Brampton, ON, 1587-Toronto, and 1320-Peterborough, ON, were also on the lines showing their ATU solidarity.

“HSR has left us with no other choice but to walk off the job,” said Local 107 President/Business Agent Eric Tuck. “After months of negotiations, it has become clear that HSR has no interest in giving our members the contract and respect they deserve. We are standing strong and united on the picket lines.”

The Local has been pushing for a base wage increase of 4% and a market adjustment that is reflective of the rising inflation.  The agency has refused to meet their demands despite the fact that senior city administrators gave themselves double-digit pay increases while also working a hybrid model of 3 days from home.

“The City and Hamilton Street Railway called us frontline heroes during the pandemic when we risked our lives to keep Hamilton moving. Now, they are treating us like zeroes at the bargaining table while giving themselves double-digit raises and working 3 days from home. It’s shameful, and we will not back down until we win,” Costa told our members on strike while leading chants of “Hold the Line. Hold the Line.”