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Joint Industry Councils Meet to Discuss Strategies to Fight Our Private Transit Companies

Our Joint Industry Councils (JICs) were formed in 2018 to fight back against the growing trend of private transportation companies taking over the management of public transit systems. Under International President John Costa’s leadership, our JICs have taken an industry-leading approach bringing together Locals with shared private employers to strategize and share information about the employer’s tactics at the table and in the workplace.

“The work of our JIC’s is instrumental in advancing the rights and welfare of our members at these private transit companies by leveraging the power of collective bargaining,” said Costa about our JICs. “By working together, our JIC’s play a critical role in securing strong and fair contracts that recognize the important work our members do in their communities.”

The International convened four meetings of the JICs for Transdev, MV Transportation, Student Transportation, and Multi-Employers to discuss critical issues impacting their Locals and employers and to conduct elections for the JIC officers that had open positions. Costa, International Executive Vice President Yvette Trujillo, International Secretary-Treasurer Ken Kirk, and ATU staff attended the meetings. Costa thanked the JIC members for their leadership and talked about how our JIC Locals can effectively use pattern bargaining to win fair and just contracts for our members. Other topics covered included updates on their respective employers, strikes, and upcoming open contracts.



The main topic of the Transdev Joint Industry Council (JIC) meeting focused on important developments concerning Transdev’s takeover of First Transit and the impact on our Locals, our members, and our Union. The JIC Locals also gave updates on their negotiations, grievances, arbitrations, and other concerns with Transdev impacting our members and Union. The JIC also held nominations for the position of Transdev JIC Chair. There were two nominations, and an election will be conducted for the position.


MV Transportation

At the MV Transportation JIC meeting, Locals heard an update from ATU staff on corporate news about MV Transportation, including the return of President/CEO Kevin Klika, MV losing a big contract at CapMetro in Austin, TX, employing our Local 1091 members, the latest on MV’s Reference Based Pricing Health Care Plan, Open Enrollment, and bargaining updates. The JIC Locals also discussed their ongoing negotiations.

Elections were also held for the two open positions. Local 1336-Bridgeport, CT, President/Business Agent Mustafa Salahuddin was elected JIC Chair unopposed, and Local 26-Detroit, MI, President/Business Agent Schetrone Collier was elected 3rd Executive Board Member unopposed.


Student Transportation

Strikes took center stage at the meeting of the ATU Student Transportation JIC. Our Local 1181-New York, NY, talked about their aggressive campaign to secure strong contracts for our NYC School Bus Members with the five private contractors after a strike threat. Local 1212-Chattanooga, TN, highlighted how the strength and solidarity of their Dalton County School Bus Members on the picket lines won a strong collective bargaining agreement with First Student.

The JIC Local also an received an update on our Union’s new innovative organizing efforts in the industry and school bus organizer training.

Elections were conducted for open positions on our Student Transportation JIC Board. Local 1181-New York, NY President/Business Agent Tomas Fret was elected Chair unopposed, Local 1212-Chattanooga, TN, President/Business Agent Lakecha Strickland was elected Financial Secretary-Treasurer unopposed, and Local 1625-Buffalo, NY, President/Business Agent Diane Fraterrigo was elected Third Executive Board Member unopposed.



The meeting of our Multi-Employers JIC focused on RATP-Dev and their changes to their health care plans, Keolis’ poor treatment of our members and other transit workers and their continued Unfair Labor Practices. There was also updates on our other private employers, contract fights, and more.

An election was conducted for the open position of Second Executive Board Member on the JIC. Joey Acevedo, President/Business Agent of Local 1577-West Palm Beach, FL, ran unopposed.