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ATU’s Caucuses: Strength in Diversity

The ATU is known for our commitment to workers’ rights, fair wages, and safe working conditions for our members and workers around the world. What you might not know is that our diverse Caucuses are one of the most remarkable aspects of the ATU doing transformative work.   

ATU’s caucuses are instrumental in promoting inclusivity and amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups. These caucuses are made up of members who share common identities, experiences, and concerns. This year, I was honored to attend the Latino Caucus, the Women’s Caucus, and the Black Caucus and applaud the forming of ATU’s LGBTQIA+ Pride Caucus. I’m inspired by the work being done by so many dedicated people to make the ATU and the transit industry more reflective of our diverse workforce.

ATU’s caucuses are more than just support groups. They’re powerful agents of change within our Union and the transit industry. By addressing the specific concerns of our communities and engaging in education and activism, ATU’s caucuses foster inclusivity, solidarity, and progress. The ATU, with its commitment to diversity and equity, sets an example for other labor unions and organizations looking to create a more just and inclusive future for all of us.

At the Latino Caucus, the choruses of ‘Si Se Puede,’ Yes, We Can, showed us that together, anything is possible. At the Women’s Caucus ‘And Still We Rise’ taught us about the resilience and strength of our women members from across North America. And at the Black Caucus, ‘Reunite, Restore, and Walking Together As One’ was our rallying cry that we are so much more powerful than we will ever be alone. While the Caucuses recognize and celebrate our differences, we are still and will always be One ATU fighting for the rights of all our members and all working families across both our countries.

In the coming year, we have a lot to look forward to and a lot to prepare for. We have the vitally important 2024 elections in the U.S. and key provincial elections in Canada coming up. For our U.S. members, if you’re not already a member of COPE, I encourage you to sign up. As a democratic union, we all know that voting is one of the ways we make our voices heard.

Let’s continue to come together, fight together, and win together. Have a blessed holiday season. I look forward to another year of the ATU being a driving force for positive change.