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ATU Welcomes Two New Canadian Organizers

We are happy to welcome Eric Fischler and Aminah Sheikh to the ATU Campaigns Department! Eric comes to the ATU as an Organizer and Aminah as the Political and National Field Organizer. Both will be working closely with ATU Canada and the ATU Campaigns Department to assist our Local Unions in Canada.


Eric Fischler

Eric was a bus operator from the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada. Before becoming a bus operator, Eric was part of an organizing effort to unionize fitness centers in Ontario. He most recently was a member of our Local 846-St. Catherines, ON, and the head of the Local’s Political Action Committee. As a volunteer organizer, Eric was the lead field organizer in an our Union’s effort to organize micro-transit workers at Via Transportation.


Aminah Sheikh

Aminah has almost 10 years of organizing experience, and her fight for social justice came from her late father, who was a hospital worker at Sick Kids Hospital. She has led numerous issue-based campaigns, successfully unionized large units through certification drives in various industries, and overseen labour-driven electoral campaigns. She has worked with various union affiliates through her work at Toronto and York Region Labour Council. She completed her Masters in Globalisation and Development with specialisation in Gender at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.



“Welcome Eric and Aminah to the ATU,” said International President John Costa. “The critical work being done by our ATU organizers plays an integral role in bringing members into our ATU family and fighting for better contracts for our members. We are thrilled to have you join our team and embark on this important journey to empower workers and advocate for their rights.”